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Need To Get Your Loved One Into A Drug Rehabilitation Program? 4 Steps To A Successful Intervention

by Brett Mills

If you're living with an addict, it's time to get them the help they need. It's not enough to simply tell them they need help. Your words have to have action attached to them. Addicts often excuse their behavior by rationalizing that it's not hurting anyone else.

In order to help your loved one through their addiction, they need to understand that they're actions do affect you. In many cases, a formal intervention can be exactly what an addict needs to get them into a treatment facility. Here are some steps you should take when planning an intervention.

Learn Everything You Can About the Addiction

Before you plan the intervention, be sure you learn as much as you can about addiction. Go beyond reading books. In fact, one of the best ways to learn about addiction is to get involved in local addiction groups.

Find out when they are having Al-Anon or Narc-Anon meetings and attend them. Ask questions until you're comfortable with the knowledge you've gained. Once you've learned about addiction, you'll be ready to actively help your loved one through the process.

Plan a Formal Intervention

You're going to want to get the intervention done as quickly as possible, but resist that urge. Planning the intervention will allow you to discuss the plans with other family members who have been impacted by the addiction.

Make It Personal

When you sit down with your loved one, be sure to make it personal. Take the time to explain exactly how their addiction affects your life. Be as truthful as possible. For instance, if you're afraid that they're addiction is going to cost them their life, say it. Give everyone in the group an opportunity to express their feelings about the addiction, but do it in a loving and supportive manner. Don't become combative.

Be Prepared For Immediate Transportation

Have everything in place before the intervention. Have a rehabilitation center (such as Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital) already arranged so that your loved one can begin rehabilitation as soon as the intervention is over. Be prepared with transportation to the rehabilitation facility. You don't want to take the chance of having the plans fall through while you arrange treatment and transportation.

Drug and alcohol addiction affects everyone in a family. If your loved one is suffering from addiction, you need to get them help as soon as possible. These steps will help you plan an effective intervention so you can get your loved one into a rehabilitation facility.