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Answers To Commonly Asked Questions About Breast Cancer

by Brett Mills

Breast cancer is not uncommon. There are many women who are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. As with any illness, the earlier you can detect the cancer the more likely you will be to fight it off. This is why early detection is so important. Here are some commonly asked questions about breast cancer.

I Have Pain In My Breast, Should I Get A Screening For Cancer?

As a general rule, pain is not a sign that there is breast cancer. Most people who have breast cancer report that they felt little discomfort, even if they had a lump growing. If you do have pain from the cancer it would be from the lump that is pressing on parts of the breast.

Usually pain in the breasts is a sign of hormonal changes such as ovulation, your menstrual cycle, pregnancy, or even menopause. Thus, pain shouldn't be disregarded, but it isn't likely that it is a sign of cancer, especially if there is no lump associated with it.

What Should I Be Looking For In Myself To Detect Breast Cancer?

The most common way to detect breast cancer is to do self-examinations. This is when you take your flat hand and do a pushing motion to go vertically and horizontally across the breast. This will help you feel if there are any abnormalities. You should be doing this often in the shower to ensure that there are no lumps. If you don't you could easily miss it, and the cancer could grow for weeks, months or years, before you detect it. 

Another way to detect it is to get your screenings done at an OBGYN (such as one from Tri-County Women's Health Care). Your doctor will do regular mammograms and examinations to make sure that you have no early signs of breast cancer.

Are There Different Kinds Of Breast Cancer?

Yes, there are a couple different kinds of breast cancer. Although all of these present themselves in the breast, the origin of the cancer is slightly different depending on what type of cancer you have.

For example, there are cancers that originate in the milk ducts of the breast, while others start in the actual breast tissue. The type of breast cancer that you will contract will determine your treatment. Some women may need chemotherapy, others radiation, and others may need a full mastectomy. It simply depends what type of cancer you contracted.

These are just some of the things you need to know about breast cancer.