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An Overview of Stomach Pain That Needs Medical Attention

by Brett Mills

Hundreds of people go to the urgent care or the emergency room every year for abdominal pain. There are many different things that could cause abdominal pain, which is why it is important to go and the treatment you need if you are in severe pain. Here are some of the most common causes for severe abdominal pain.

1. Food Poisoning

Food poisoning comes from eating a food that has been contaminated. In some cases the pain won't start until the food passes to your small intestine, or in other cases, your body won't reject the food right away. In general you should expect to start feeling sick hours after the food has been consumed. You may vomit, have diarrhea, and stomach cramps. The stomach cramps are generally in your lower stomach and might even come in waves.

In many cases, you won't feel better until the food has passed or been rejected from your system. This is why you generally have to wait it out. The major concern comes if you become dehydrated. Most people who go to the urgent care for food poisoning need to be hydrated while they pass the contaminated food.

2. Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are another common reason to feel stomach pain. A kidney stone may start to hurt in the lower back first. You might have a dull ache on just one side of your back in a very specific location. Then over time the pain will move to your lower pelvis. During this time the pain could be severe, or a mere nuisance. It simply depends on the size of the stone.

In some cases, the worst pain comes as you pass it. During this time you should expect to feel like you have the flu. You might run a fever, have chills, vomit, and have intense stomach pain.

3. Inflamed Appendix

An inflamed appendix is another common reason to seek emergency medical treatment. The concern with an inflamed appendix is that it won't correct itself. It is not something you can simply wait out. Instead, it will become so inflamed that it will eventually burst, which can be dangerous. This pain will present itself around the belly button on the lower right side. If you suspect appendicitis, you should see the doctor right away. You will need surgery to have it removed.

At any point you should seek emergency medical care like Alaska Urgent Care LLC if the stomach pain becomes unbearable or if you are dehydrated.