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Tips For Helping Your Child Feel More Confident In Glasses

by Brett Mills

If your child has to wear glasses in order to allow him or her to see the board easily, he or she might be worried about getting teased, or he or she may dislike the glasses. This can be frustrating because it will cause him or her to do whatever it takes to not wear his or her glasses. This could result in your child's grades dropping because he or she is not able to follow along with the teacher. It could also cause him or her to have a hard time watching movies without getting really close to the screen, which could be bad for his or her eyes. Here are some tips for helping your child feel more confident in glasses so that he or she is more likely to wear them.

1. Find Pictures of Celebrities With Glasses

The first thing that you need to do is find celebrities that your child cares about who wear glasses. Look for pictures of those people. This will allow you to show your child that the people that he or she looks up to wear glasses, and there is nothing to be ashamed about.

If your child has no interest in celebrities, point out his or her friends that wear glasses. Ask if your child thinks that his or her friends look dorky or ugly because of their glasses. If your child says no, which he or she is likely to do, ask then why he or she would feel dorky for wearing glasses if his or her friends aren't.

2. Treat the Glasses Like a Fashion Accessory

If you have a child that is interested in fashion, another good solution is to treat the glasses like a fashion accessory. Go to the store with your child and allow him or her to pick out a glasses case that suits his or her style. By simply showing that you value the glasses, your child will be more likely to do so as well. This can make your child feel better about his or her glasses.

If your child isn't into fashion, have him or her pick out a plain case and then let him or her choose stickers to use to decorate it. This can also help your child feel more kindly towards his or her glasses.

For more information, talk to an eye doctor at a location like Quality Eye Care. He or she might have an in-stock selection of "cool" kid's glasses that your child can choose from.