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Is Your Partner An Alcoholic? Here Are 4 Common Signs

by Brett Mills

Alcoholism is well-known for destroying relationships and families, so it's often frightening for people when they suspect that their partner has a drinking problem. However, early treatment can help your partner recover before their drinking becomes even heavier.

If you're wondering whether or not your partner is an alcoholic, you'll find four common signs below.

1. Your Partner Is Defensive About the Amount They're Drinking

Many alcoholics are defensive about their drinking habits. Many know they have a problem, but don't want to be judged for it. This often leads to confrontation whenever someone tells an alcoholic that they have a problem. If you and your partner frequently erupt into fights when you bring up the amount that they drink, this can be a sign that your partner is an alcoholic.

2. Your Partner Hides The Amount They Drink

Alcoholics commonly hide their level of alcohol consumption so that they're not judged by others. This becomes more common after they have been confronted about the amounts that they have been drinking. If you find bottles of alcohol (whether empty or full) stashed away in your home, it's likely that your partner has a drinking problem.

Some alcoholics also try to hide their problem by sneaking drinks while pretending to drink moderately. For example, drinking vodka in the bathroom at a social event while only drinking one or two bottles of beer with everyone else while in the open. If your partner frequently appears more inebriated than their level of alcohol consumption would suggest, then they may be hiding their drinking using this method. This is another common sign of alcoholism.

3. Your Partner Can't Moderate After They Start to Drink

One common hallmark of alcoholics is that they can't moderate the amount that they're drinking once they've taken the first drink. Some people with drinking problems aren't frequent drinkers—they just simply can't avoid drinking until they black out as soon as they start. If your partner frequently drinks too much at social events or drinks more than they say that they plan to, these both can be signs that they have a drinking problem.

4. Your Partner Isolates Socially

As alcoholism progresses, it can often become difficult for an alcoholic to manage his or her life alongside the drinking. The typical result is isolation and anxiety—it's often stressful for functioning alcoholics to live a double life. If your partner is isolating themselves and frequently skips social events, then this can be a sign that they're having difficulty managing their life.

If your partner displays any of the signs above, they may be an alcoholic. Thankfully, alcoholics have numerous sources of help available to them on the road to recovery. One of the best ways that you can help is to ask your partner to check in to an addiction recovery treatment center. These centers allow your partner to get out of their current environment and away from their current drinking triggers. At the same time, they teach addicts the coping skills that they need to recover after their addiction.

If your partner is an alcoholic, contact an addiction recovery treatment center and ask about their alcohol recovery program. Your partner will be able to get the help that they need.