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Why Dual-Diagnosis Is Essential At A Luxury Rehab

by Brett Mills

Addiction is very challenging to overcome, and it's especially challenging to overcome addiction when you are grappling with this condition and other mental disorders. You will have the best opportunity for recovery if you choose a luxury rehab that takes into consideration your dual diagnosis.

Types of Disorders that Often Occur With Drug Addiction

The type of conditions that often occur frequently together include:

  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar disorder

Experiencing a substantial amount of stress or having a traumatic experience can also increase the odds that you will also abuse substances. Therefore, you may need rehab therapy to help you overcome these struggles.

One reason why substance abuse and mental disorders often occur together is that substance abuse can lead to a patient developing a mental disorder. Therefore, the only way to treat both mental disorders and substance abuse is to treat them together.

The Importance of a Dual-Diagnosis

Because the medication is often used to treat a patient with multiple conditions, you may need therapy and a proper prescription for an addictive medical treatment to be able to recover from your drug addiction. 

Self-medicating with an addictive substance never solves the problem. For example, if you have problems in your life that are causing depression and you choose to self-medicate, these problems will only become more difficult to manage.

How the Clinic Achieves a Dual-Diagnosis

A dual diagnosis can be very difficult because the substances you are abusing can affect your perceptions and behavior. Therefore, it can be difficult to determine if your symptoms, such as hallucinations, are caused more by the substances you are abusing or if they are caused more by the underlying health condition. 

Fun Activities on a Beautiful Property

To take your mind off of your desire to abuse substances, there are several activities you can engage in. You may be able to participate in yoga, fitness training, spa activities, and time spent on the beach. You may also learn new life skills that can help you better cope after you leave rehab.

The rehab center will also be able to prepare meals that will allow you to have more energy when recovering from your condition. A rehab center in a location with nice weather can help you feel more energetic, and sunlight can elevate your mood. Being surrounded by beauty on a gorgeous island can give you something to look forward to every day as you recover.

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