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Questions About IV Therapy From First-Timers

by Brett Mills

IV therapy is a treatment that involves dripping a liquid solution into your veins. Usually, this liquid solution is infused with nutrients that have a variety of health benefits. The liquid itself is also hydrating, which makes IV therapy a good choice for anyone who is dehydrated due to illness, physical activity, a change in climate, or alcohol consumption. If you're looking into IV therapy or thinking of getting your first IV, here are some questions you might have.

Does it hurt?

Having an IV needle inserted into your arm will pinch a little, but it's not overly painful. The pinching sensation only lasts for a couple of seconds. Then, while the IV is flowing, you should not feel much of anything, pain-wise. If you move your arm in a certain way, there may be a little stinging or pinching in the area, but again, this is mild.

How soon will you feel better?

That depends on what's ailing you and why you're getting an IV. If you're dehydrated, you can expect to start feeling better almost immediately as the IV will restore your normal hydration levels rather quickly. Other benefits will take a little longer since your body will have to absorb and integrate the nutrients. For instance, the immune-boosting properties of vitamin C and other antioxidant vitamins in the IV solution may take a few days to be at their strongest.

How do you choose an IV solution?

If you are at an IV clinic that offers multiple IV solutions, picking the best one for your needs may require some thought and consideration. Talk to the practitioner about what you're hoping to get from the IV treatment. You may also want to tell them a bit about your diet and lifestyle. They can recommend an IV treatment that is right for you. Often, there is more than one good option.

Does insurance cover it?

Health insurance does not usually cover IV treatment as it is an elective procedure. However, if you have an insurance plan that gives you a certain number of dollars for healthy purchases and the like, you may be able to use those dollars for IV treatment.

With the questions above answered, you should feel more informed walking into your IV appointment. After a session or two, you will become more familiar with the whole process and will be better able to relax through the session.