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  • Important Facts About Undergoing Physical Therapy

    29 July 2017

    Physical therapy is a type of treatment that will often be required for patients recovering from a variety of conditions. While this type of treatment is fairly common, it is also common for patients to have little or no experience or knowledge about this type of treatment until it is recommended to them. Why Will Physical Therapy Be Needed To Recover From A Serious Injury Or Major Surgical Procedure?

  • Tips For Helping Your Child Feel More Confident In Glasses

    3 February 2017

    If your child has to wear glasses in order to allow him or her to see the board easily, he or she might be worried about getting teased, or he or she may dislike the glasses. This can be frustrating because it will cause him or her to do whatever it takes to not wear his or her glasses. This could result in your child's grades dropping because he or she is not able to follow along with the teacher.