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  • 3 Treatment Options For Allergies During Pregnancy

    11 June 2015

    During pregnancy, how you handle allergic reactions is important not just to your health, but also to your unborn child's. Although some medications are considered to be safe to use during pregnancy, you need to explore using other measures to control your allergies. Here are some possible methods you can use to get allergy relief. Allergy Medication You should never use any medication while pregnant without first talking to your obstetrician.

  • Preparing Your Child (And Yourself) For A Well-Child Visit

    10 June 2015

    Well-child visits are an important part of ensuring the on-going positive health and development of your child. However, many children find these visits stressful and terrifying. Preparing them for a well-child requires educating them on what will occur and easing their anxieties. Take Child to Your Doctor's Appointments If your child shows serious fears about attending their next well-child visit, it's a good idea to take them along with you to your doctor appointments.

  • Answers To Commonly Asked Questions About Breast Cancer

    9 June 2015

    Breast cancer is not uncommon. There are many women who are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. As with any illness, the earlier you can detect the cancer the more likely you will be to fight it off. This is why early detection is so important. Here are some commonly asked questions about breast cancer. I Have Pain In My Breast, Should I Get A Screening For Cancer? As a general rule, pain is not a sign that there is breast cancer.

  • What You Need to Know about Your Child Taking Antibiotics

    8 June 2015

    Infections and sickness are just a part of life. At least some point in their life, all children will have contract an infection or illness that they need to go to the doctor for. The doctor might prescribe an antibiotic for your child. Although antibiotics are a great way to fight bacterial infections, there are some risks with taking them as well. Here are some things you need to know about your child taking antibiotics.

  • Need To Get Your Loved One Into A Drug Rehabilitation Program? 4 Steps To A Successful Intervention

    5 June 2015

    If you're living with an addict, it's time to get them the help they need. It's not enough to simply tell them they need help. Your words have to have action attached to them. Addicts often excuse their behavior by rationalizing that it's not hurting anyone else. In order to help your loved one through their addiction, they need to understand that they're actions do affect you. In many cases, a formal intervention can be exactly what an addict needs to get them into a treatment facility.

  • 3 Things You Can Do To Ensure You Are Getting Good Quality Health Care

    4 June 2015

    The type of health care you receive will depend on a great deal on what you expect from doctors, like Burnsville Family Physicians, and a health care team. Many people complain that others get better care than them, and to be frank, they might. This is because it is important to know how to talk to your doctors to ensure that you are getting the best care possible. Here are some tips for getting good health care.

  • 3 Unique Things A Sonogram Can Tell You About Your Baby

    3 June 2015

    There are several well known things that can be seen on an sonogram during pregnancy, such as the gender or your baby or the position of your baby. However, there are several other things that a sonographer can see when they give you a sonogram or ultrasound (at centers like All Women's Clinic) during pregnancy. These things can help to ensure that your baby is healthy, and can help you prepare for later on in your pregnancy, and even delivery.